No internet for a week WAH.
But seriously, feeling so lucky lately. Being around positive people who care about you and support you makes such a big difference. Starting to feel more at home than I ever have in Boston.

Timestamp: 1409767811

Today was good. Feelin like a babe.

Timestamp: 1408571580

Felt like a babe the other day.

Timestamp: 1405987149

It’s too hot. Here’s a picture of my finger.

Timestamp: 1404237660

I don’t want to go to work. 

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Timestamp: 1402155139

So this 👆 happened today. 😁✨

Timestamp: 1395799320

Lazy Friday off. Need to go grocery shopping. 

Timestamp: 1393609860

Probably on tumblr.

Timestamp: 1392692009

Changed my mind about the earlier selfie.

Timestamp: 1391039090

Last day at 22.

Timestamp: 1388772737

Merry Christmas!!

Timestamp: 1388000460

It’s kinda felt like Friday since Monday. 

Timestamp: 1387564500

About that sweater lyfe.

Timestamp: 1384190520